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Quantum-Safe Wallet

The most secure cold wallet in the world

Why is KelvinWallet 

more secure

After thorough evaluation and research, we successfully implemented quantum-safe cryptosystems in KelvinWallet, achieving a higher level of security than ever before. All because we are just concerned as you are about protecting your assets.

Unique features

Care about data security? Enjoy intuitive user experience? Want a powerful chip? Worried about accidental dropping? We got it all covered for you.

Quantum-safe OS for
long-term secure

Quantum-safe digital signature scheme.

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ico_Security Chip.png
Security Chip for 30 years life 

Private keys never leave the device and are protected by a CC EAL5+ secure element, locked by your PIN, with sophisticated countermeasures against various kinds of physical attacks.

Large Screen with 3 buttons

Compact design with big display loaded with fully customized font. Carefully placed hardware buttons, feels just like a handheld console.

ico_incredibly sturdy.png
Small yet incredibly sturdy

We aim to provide you strong and powerful protection with a special anti-tempering design and structural protection.

Anti-malware & anti-theft.

Crypto infrastructure 

keeps your assets amazingly safe 

All cryptocurrency transactions are isolated, displayed, confirmed, and signed on the hardware device. Cryptographic keys never leave the device and are protected by a CC EAL5+ secure element, locked by your PIN code, which provides strong countermeasures against attackers even with physical access to the device. ...

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Why it’s worth buying

KelvinWallet for this price

Over the past 4 years, many exchanges are attacked and more than 1 Billion US dollars of cryptocurrencies are theft. Once your mobile, desktop or browser have any weakness, the bot from the hackers will grab all the assets in one second.

$ 1 Billion


Hacked and theft


What customers are saying


Custody service (US) :

The team is very care about security. Use their product we feel very comfortable and our key will store in secure place.

Decentralized exchange service (US) :

KelvinWallet SDK is very easy to integrate with our web service. We think KelvinWallet is better than Ledger nano S. Will be the best USB-type-C interface wallet.

Now shipping worldwide

Order on our website, or contact us for bulk orders. 

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